Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to Basics - Kitchen Makeover; Simple Storage Tip

If you are in need of some storage containers for your kitchen, take a look around your grocery store and your kitchen for some glass jars. Just finished off that last bit of grape jelly, but your recycling company won't take glass? (Ours sadly does not.) Don't throw it out, clean it and use it to store smaller quantities of items like nuts!

Need bigger containers? I found some lovely big applesauce jars for things like my assortment of Gluten Free flours, and my local supermarket carries huge (we're talking like five liters!) jars of pickles if I'm ever in need of a really ginormous "useful pot to put things in."

This might seem pretty basic advice even for my back to basics series, but I know that when I re-hauled my kitchen's contents to go gluten free, I was in need of a lot of new storage containers quickly and cheaply. Hello twenty different gluten free flours, goodbye cupboard space! I wanted to avoid using plastic, but a trip to bed bath and beyond showed me how expensive that route was going to be, so for the longest time I went without and had a heap of plastic bulk bin bags in my cupboards. Not a pretty nor practical sight. I even threw away a couple of glass jars before I figured this out! So I hope this helps someone avoid that.

Besides, don't they look pretty?

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