Friday, April 27, 2012

Arbor Day 2012

Today is Arbor Day! In celebration we bought a butterfly bush (buddleia) to plant. Not quite a tree, but something green to grow. Unfortunately it rained hard all day, so we are waiting till tomorrow to plant it and avoid soil compaction.

This is what the flowers will look like! I have never seen a butterfly bush with this particular shade of purple before. I am excited to see them bloom!

This is one of the apple trees we planted last year - the picture on the left is it just planted. It is hard to tell from the photos, but it actually added 3-4 feet in one year! We are very pleased, and hopeful for some fruit this year.

Here is how our other apple tree is doing. You need two apple trees near each other so that they cross pollinate each other in order for them to bear fruit. 

See those white lines on our neighbors lawn? Those are protectors around the base of some saplings in their yard too! They just added them this year, we are excited to find out what kind of tree they are.

Hopefully the weather will be good for planting tomorrow, and we will be able to update you with a successfully planted butterfly bush to attract all manner of beneficial beasties to pollinate our garden.

Did you do anything for Arbor Day this year?

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  1. We planted a plum, peach and nectarine tree in the last week for Arbor Day. We had to plant early because of hard rains in the forecast.

    I hope you love your butterfly bush as much as I do! Good luck.

    1. Wonderful! I hope they produce fruit for you this year.

      I'm sure we will, our butterfly bush in the garden that I grew up in was a big favorite. Thank you!


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